Headquarter our company is located in Katowice Special Economic Zone in Gliwice. Onet.pl published an article about KSSE and used AIUT as an example of company based on polish capital from Gliwice.
Article available only in polish here:

Industry Europe published an article about our company.
You can find it here: http://www.industryeurope.net/Feature/9360/Innovative-Technologies/

Our company bases its activity on high professionalism of workers. We cooperate with Universities and we support all activities connected with knowledge and explaining new things. One of examples of that activities is being a publishing house. Our workers & people who cooperate with our company can publish a books with their own ISBN number: ISBN-978-83-926856. First book published in 2007. The newest one published in March 2016 is titled „Fizyka 3 mojej urojonej czasoprzestrzeni”. Author uses a nickname Henryk Dot and he is our permanent co-worker.
If you want to know more about AIUT books write here:
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We still work at Telemetry Department on Fuel Prime development. Our Fuel Prime expert – Jakub Bularz gave an interview for polish newspaper “Na Stacji Paliw”. Article available only in Polish HERE

10 of March we had two events in AIUT: open days for students and meeting with Phoenix Contact Poland Company. Phoenix Contact showed our workers Infoliner – an automobile which is driving exhibition of possibilities which they offers.

Open days where dedicated for students, especially students who are ending theirs studies. We showed our newest projects and relate how looks work in Aiut.


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