AIUTowe Mikołajki dla najmłodszych

Our tradition is common celebration of Santa Claus Day. We organize a meeting for our workers and their children. We had a lot of fun. Santa Clause play with us and gave us sweet gifts. Thank you so much for time spend together!

AutoUniMo na Politechnice Śląskiej

26th of November at Silesian University of Technology we took a part in AutoUniMo and the special Open Day of project. Worker of APM section presented test stand which shows our participation in project and the field of our capability. The main point was stand DC40 – device realizing elements transport, using real industrial elements (controller PLC and HMI panel, pneumatic system, sensor). Device is dedicated for study of energy efficiency (analysis of power consumption) and besides projects also for training and demonstration purpose. Responsible for demonstrations was Marek Drewniak, during the session we were presented by Dariusz Zonenberg.

Rekrutujemy! Targi Pracy na Politechnice Śląskiej i Politechnice Białostockiej

In AIUT recrutation is open the whole year. We’re looking for new people all the time so we took a part in events at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and on University of Technology in Białystok. A part of our team are people who join us during the studies or immediately after graduation. For us inexperience isn’t a problem. All job alert are available on our polish website.

At the beginning of November we took a part in European Utility Week in Vienna. We presented our newest telemetry solutions. You could meet our team: Artur Gabryś, Marek Gabryś, Ewa Kubisiewicz-Boba and Sami Farouni.

AIUTowy Piknik Rodzinny

Saturday afternoon we had a lot of fun at AIUT Family Piqnique. Beautiful weather, a lot of attractions for kids and adults, awesome show by Kabaret Młodych Panów and delicious food. We’ll remember that party for a long time! J


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