Fiber Laser Days 2015 z udziałem AIUT

AIUT presented at Silesian University of Technology our experience in automation and robotics. Fiber Laser Days 2015 accumulate representatives of many companies which are, like AIUT, using or planning to use special 3D laser cutting technology. AIUT presented Sebastian Jankowski – Project Manager in Automation Division. More information: 

Seminarium szkoleniowe z SIEMENS

We carrying out with SIEMENS training in the area of automation for cooperating companies and our employees. The topics of this training among others is SIRIUS switching technology. A wide range of solutions SIEMENS presents in wheeled showroom, which rides all over Europe and today arrived on Wyczółkowskiego. AIUT based on such companies like SIEMENS implements innovative and environmentally friendly complex solutions for industry.

AIUT na konferencji AUTOMOTIVE

AIUT took a part in AUTOMOTIVE Conference in Zakopane. The main topic of conference organized by Leviatan Confederation was digitalization and optimization production. Conference was an occasion to present our experience.

Partners of conference were: AIUT, MJ Group, KUKA, Lapp Kabel, LUCA Logistic Solutions, SimTec. More info: l

AIUT na World Gas Conference w Paryżu

AIUT presented its Smart Gas Metering systems, including the very first presentation of the Prepaid project, based on a new data logger, OKO I505 fitted on Elster meters equipped with internal valve. We also presented our Pressure monitoring system, based on OKO55/ALEVEL303 product line and equipped with high-accuracy Keller pressure sensors. AIUT offers flexible, functional and economic solutions for PRS monitoring, pressure validators, nitrogen sleeves monitoring, and other applications where analog pressure value, temperature, or state of valves, filters etc. needs measuring. This solution may have GNF protocol developed to seamlessly integrate with the GNF software platform.

AIUT na Expo-Gas w Kielcach

On 22-23 April, AIUT presented Gas Smart Metering solutions at the Expo-Gas in Kielce, the main trade show of gas business in Poland which takes place once for two years. Our presentation was awarded by the Expo-Gas exhibition organizers in category of original and interesting way of booth arrangement.


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