With our solutions, propane distributors can automatically generate delivery orders, schedule optimal and cost effective delivery routes, detect leakages and overfills, and improve the level of customer service. So insignificant cost compare to the savings in a daily operations makes the implementation of our solutions nearly unnecessary to qualify as an investment. In over 90% of implementations our customers achieved the full payback within the first year and significant revenue increase in following years. Our solutions are utilized by many customers worldwide and used in more than 60 000 Tank Monitoring Systems.


  We provide the solutions in following areas: 

  • aboveground tank monitoring with LTE or IoT communication
  • underground tank monitoring with LTE communication
  • comprehensive systems for propane inventory management and distribution


We design and manufacture for our solutions:

  • wireless measurement devices that are approved for using in explosion hazardous areas - ALEVEL
  • wireless, battery powered LTE and IoT communication devices - OKO
  • SM US
  • wireless, battery powered Propane Cylinders Changeover Monitoring devices - ACOT
  • advanced monitored data management system - SIMAX
  • inteligent management system for propane distribution - DIMA


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