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Some benefits your company can gain from using telemetry: 

  • Control propane consumption
  • Keep informed about current stock
  • Get reminders at low tanks level
  • Automatically generate delivery orders  
  • Receive forecasts for future orders
  • Organize optimal and cost effective delivery routes
  • Reduce business risks and control safety exposures 
And at the same time secure your customers: 
  • Against running dry and 
  • Be freed from calling and ordering in time 



Short payback time     Short payback time:

Significant savings in daily operations make it easy to look at the implementation of the telemetry as an investment. Usually, expenses are recouped within the first year.


Better routes   Better routes and delivery planning: 

Collected consumer data about fuel consumption and tank content enables the system to calculate optimal delivery routes which prevents making multiple follow-up trips.
Knowing the capacity and content of tanks scheduled for refill, system can calculate the route for delivery trucks leaving the depot full and always returning empty.
With our solution it is possible to refill sites that do not need immediate filling, yet are located on the route.
Knowing the customers' past consumption profiles and current tanks content you can:
  • Figure out optimal amount and time of delivery
    Protect customers against stock-outs
    Make the delivery routes more efficient = “full truck out, empty truck back”








  Imp cash        Improve cash flow:

Improving the delivery schedule and inventory menagement allows for more efficiant use of the assets which reduce the overhead.



   Inv turn        Inventory turnover:

Historical and current customer’s consumption data along with weather forecast help to predict future product demand, in short, medium, and long-term time periods. Such information lets purchasing departments shape the correct supply structure of the product. The result – an inventory turnover increase contributing to cost reductions.
   Safety        Safety:
Remote monitoring of customer tanks enables the detection of leakages, overfills and unauthorized fillings.




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