ACOT is a smart automatic changeover valve and a cost effective solution that enables the propane distributors to monitor cylinders reserve levels. The solution enhances the replacement procedure at consumers’ sites and the cylinders stock efficiency.ACOT helps to pre-plan the efficient deliveries instead of costly reaction to gas shortage.
OKO C5 telemetry unit automatically sends the notification at low cylinders level and a demand.
ACO base2
  ikona4Click-on  assembly – no cables
 ikona6GPRS or SMS communication
 ikona3Long battery life (6 years)
 ikona1Robust, suitable for outdoor environment
 ikona5Compatible with both high and low pressure ACOs
 ikona2Cylinder automatic changeover incorporating “Push to Set” over pressure safety system with indication
ACO tech spec Ar2
Tech spec Ar
aco cylindry Ar

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