Alevel 0275 is a smart tank level sensor that works in configuration with OKO 5875 data gateway
or autonomously with IoT network in Intelligent Meter Reading IMR System. 
Alevel 0275 is the most innovative smart sensor developed for typical float arm level gauges. Engineered for direct & easy installation on various types of tanks, Alevel 0275 measures the propane levels and transmits the data over the radio link to OKO 5875 data gateway. Up to 6 Alevels 0275 can be assigned to one OKO 5875 data gateway.


IMR System, designed and developed by AIUT, is a state of the art solution for remote readouts of the tank level data and used among other applications for the Propane Inventory Management.




Operating Principle1

Operating Principle

 The movement of the arm (1) results in the circular motion of the magnet (2) and the change of magnetic field - Alevel 0275 reads the magnetic field direction based on the Hall Effect. Obtained value is converted to an output that is indicative of the float arm position and hence the amount of fuel contained in the tank. Additionally, the built-in mechanical level indicator allows immediate visual readout regardless the electronics (3).



Operating Principle2


The built-in mechanical indicator allows immediate visual readout.




Istallation Process

The installation process is easy, intuitive and only requires replacing the original dial with ALEVEL 0275 using two original bolts. Simply unscrew the original dial bolts, take out the original dial and place Alevel 0275 on the gauge.  The installation procedure does not disturb the tank system performance and can be carried out during its regular operation.



ALEVEL 0275 is dedicted for horizontal tanks, however, it is possible to install it also on vertical tanks. The vertical tanks model of the ALEVEL 0275 must be configured during the production stage.

Custom built fitting secures proper placement on all types of level gauges (such as Rochestor Junior, Cotraco, GOK and REGO). However, in some cases special adapter or gauge replacement is necessary. All adaptors (for 2’’, 4’’ and 8’’ gauges) can be ordered & delivered separately.

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