The philosophy defined as Industry 4.0 has revolutionized manufacturing in the form as it is understood now. In relation to possibilities offered by IoT solutions, its superior target is to integrate various systems of automation control, informatics and logistics, in order to improve production processes in plants. AIUT transforms this idea into new technologies for the industry.


FORMICA 1: new generation AGV

FORMICA 1, new generation of Automated Guided Vehicle, is the answer for raising demands of automated and digitalized manufacturing. AGV FORMICA 1 technologically advanced ensures optimization  of processes and enlarges efficiency of manufacturing, warehouse and logistic companies.

FORMICA 1 an intelligent mobile transportation platform can be applied in any industrial area, with the possibility of integration with on-site systems. An advanced navigation system based on LIDAR technology, enables to create the map of  environment  and track any movement in the surrounding of a robot. After eight-hour-working cycle, the device initiates an automatic charging and then moves back to the track.

FORMICA 1 is equipped with advanced, certified safety systems, which guarantee a full control over the area of vehicle movement and allow to work in direct surrounding of technical personnel. The safety system detects non-standard obstacles on the vehicle track, and grants a full control over payloads.


Location of objects in production space

 The ability to locate random objects and elements, including people, in the area of production floor, with a usage of Radical Automation technologically advanced system by AIUT, leads to a new way of business management.

The intelligent IoT solution provides knowledge on location of workers, materials or products at any moment in a real time, and it results in the best evaluation of work efficiency and in the growth of productivity.

The system allows for a detailed analysis of all supervised facilities based on real time and historical data as well. Both indoor and outdoor location of objects is possible depending on company requirements.




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