Let’s meet at eLPG Week!

The e-LPG Week 2020, one of the most important annual events devoted to LPG, is on. Along with it runs a global discussion about the challenges and the future for the LPG market. AIUT takes part in the event. We encourage you to participate in discussion panels and visit our e-stand. You can learn how AIUT solutions for remote monitoring of fuel tanks allow you to reduce costs and accelerate LPG deliveries. You'll also see how serviceless telemetry works.

No matter where you are right now, you can attend the event. For the first time, LPG Week went completely online. Registration for guests is free.

International debate

The e-LPG Week, announced by the World Liquefied Gas Organization (WLPGA) under the "Bringing Energy to Life" motto, is held online from November 2 to 6, 2020. The event, hosted by the ENOC group, focuses on digital opportunities for the development of the LPG market and new challenges for the industry. Just some examples of vital subjects would be: development of global autogas markets, opportunities for LPG to support other fuels (with higher carbon dioxide emissions in major sectors of demand), and digital innovations and solutions for effective and economic management of the LPG supply network.

Solutions that allow you to save

Thanks to advanced technologies of remote readouts of data from fuel tanks, AIUT solutions enable cost reduction and effective management of the LPG supply network. However, we went a step further by providing fuel suppliers with only what they care about the most - structured and timely data in an economic RMR model. Want to know the details? Don't miss us this Thursday, November 5th, at 14:50 (2:50 p.m.) during AIUT presentation at e-LPG Week. As part of the speech on AIUT Tank Monitoring, an innovative model of serviceless telemetry will be presented.

"e-LPG Week Pilot Program": You only have time until November 6th!

What if you could put aside your worries about the installation, servicing or disposal of devices? What role will serviceless telemetry play in the development of the LPG market and fuel supply optimization process? In our opinion, it will be the key-role. If you want to see how our serviceless solution will improve your processes, now you have the chance to enrol in a Pilot Program! Throughout the duration of the e-LPG Week - from November 2nd to 6th - we have prepared a special offer. The details of the Pilot Program are available here: https://elpgweek2020.tankmonitoring.com/pilotprogram