For nearly 20 years, AIUT has been designing and developing smart metering solutions. Discover our systems for remote monitoring and management of municipal networks and LPG tanks.

IMR is an integrated, intelligent network monitoring and management platform, based on dedicated AIUT systems for remote data readouts from gas, water, heat, energy meters, as well as fuel and LPG tanks.

The IMR solution consists of devices and technologies that allow dynamic management of industrial and distribution networks. AIUT systems enable full automation of data collection processes and intelligent real-time analysis. This allows you to take preventive actions and predict events in order to increase user security and reduce network failure.

Intelligent media metering

Our advanced monitoring and remote readout systems are used by LPG market leaders, natural gas or electricity distributors, as well as water supply and heating companies.

As part of the IMR solution, AIUT designs, produces, implements and performs maintenance of:

  • intelligent metering systems for gas, water and heat meters (consumption meters and prepaid systems), and energy
  • LPG and oil tank monitoring systems, and the support of distribution planning

AIUT IMR is a set of advanced intelligent business management systems based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

AIUT IMR platform enables advanced data analysis, which results in a specific business solution, such as a comprehensive method of the fuel or water supply chain assessment and management.

AIUT has its own production lines of IoT devices for remote data readouts from various types of meters, with the possibility of free integration with the client's infrastructure. Such production lines - according to our own design, with assembly in a turn-key model - can be run anywhere in the world.

Our IoT ecosystems operate based on the latest available data transmission technologies - including low-cost LoRaWAN and Sigfox networks - to increase customer benefits.

Our solution, your profit

AIUT systems provide media distributors with effective delivery planning and consumption monitoring. This guarantees a quick return on investment and a significant increase in customer service quality.

To improve business processes within the dedicated IoT ecosystem, it is necessary to ensure permanent and full data acquisition from the client's infrastructure (monitoring of meters or pressure). Thanks to reliable devices and AIUT technologies, enterprises gain access to current information, including:

  • consumption (hourly readouts),
  • breach or other interference with the meter
  • potential leaks (real-time security alerts).

This way IMR allows for optimization of the supply grid, significant security improvement, and effective network management.

Many networks. One Smart City platform

AIUT IMR systems dedicated to single networks can be integrated with each other, creating a coherent platform for municipal services management in the city or within the client's portfolio.


tank monitoring systems

100 000+

gas installations

500 000+

gas stations


Discover the advantages of AIUT IMR

  • remote, automated hourly readouts
  • no more need of inspectors to collect the records manually
  • support for decision-making processes
  • supply chain management (fuel, water)
  • low-cost IoT communication technologies (including LoRa, Sigfox)
  • compatibility with network infrastructure
  • advanced data analysis
  • security system
  • leakage control
  • pressure monitoring in gas networks
  • predictive maintenance
  • network failure reduction
  • supply optimization
  • optimization of LPG and oil distribution planning
  • payment control

Industries involved

Energy and municipal services

We provide control systems with industrial electricity for power plants, accompanied by Smart City and Smart Grid solutions for network management.

Business automation

We automate production and business processes.

Water and wastewater management

Gain full control over the city’s water and heating network. Discover our intelligent solutions.

Electronics industry

We carry out comprehensive deliveries of robotized lines and production stands for companies from the electronics sector.

Rail industry

Discover AIUT advanced tracking systems for monitoring rail cars and tankers, as well as solutions for automating cargo terminals.

Municipalities / Smart City

We provide systems for remote monitoring of water, heat, gas, electricity and LPG consumption - along with leak detection. Choose your solution.