IoT systems for LPG

We are a global provider of intelligent remote monitoring systems for LPG tanks.

Remote monitoring system for domestic LPG tanks with consumption control

Discover a convenient solution for users with home LPG tanks.

Remote monitoring of LPG cylinders

We plan for you. Our system allows remote control of gas levels, improving the process of cylinder replacement and distributor's stock planning.

Remote monitoring system for LPG tanks at fuel stations

Gain full control. Read the level of LPG available at the station remotely and in real-time. Monitor the volume and time of the delivery.

Remote oil tank monitoring system

Create an effective supply network with our solutions.

Remote monitoring system for LPG tanks

The solution allows for current fuel consumption readouts and efficient planning of the supply network.

15 years of cooperation with leading companies in the global LPG market

We are among the world's leading suppliers of IoT ecosystems for LPG.

We have been active in the LPG market for over 15 years, equipping customers around the world with advanced data readout, monitoring and analysis systems.

Our systems currently monitor 700,000+ LPG tanks and 1000+ fuel stations. The company has an installed base of 138,000 LPG tank monitoring systems worldwide.

Responding to business needs

Our solutions allow to optimize and automate processes, reduce costs, increase control over user payments and maximize security procedures.

Our modern, maintenance-free IoT ecosystem for data acquisition (tank monitoring system) operates on the basis of AIUT proprietary, certified equipment and the latest transmission technologies.

Our solutions include intelligent monitoring devices, detection sensors and a software package for secure data acquisition, advanced analysis and presentation.

We have created a Decision Support System DSS for LPG distributors. It is a flexible, configurable system of analytical tools and services to obtain data and transform it into business information.

Use a smart tool to manage your fuel supply chain and storage sector. Our solutions allow you to efficiently plan your supply network, evaluate fleet and team utilization, as well as warehouse space. In practice, this means, among other things, no downtime and a demand-driven product supply on the supplier side.

Maximize safety procedures. Our systems provide safety for station users, owners or lessees of gas and oil tanks (used as heating fuel). They alert on leaks and anomalies related to overfilling, dead states or unauthorized fillings.

To the services of our customers we provide a dedicated section AIUT Service Desk. Teams of our specialists provide support 24 hours a day, supervising the correctness of the implemented systems.

Business benefits

  • Control of LPG consumption
  • Security alerts
  • Notifications of low fuel level in the tank
  • Automation of orders and deliveries: exemption of the customer from the obligation to place telephone/on-line orders
  • Optimal and economical management of delivery logistics
  • Forecast of the deadline for the execution of subsequent orders
  • Reduced risk of fuel downtime
  • No risk of stockpile depletion
  • Maximising safety procedures
  • Quick response to leaks, overfilling and unauthorized fillings
  • Remote access to information on fuel level in tanks and support for installation with dedicated applications
  • Rapid return on investment: optimization of daily handling and logistics processes
  • Better planned routes and deliveries thanks to system calculations based on consumption and tank condition data
  • Prediction of consumption based on historical and current data
  • Really increased delivery efficiency (leaves full returns empty)

New technologies as standard

We take advantage of new opportunities in wireless communication for remote communication between devices (M2M Machine to Machine) and the IoT ecosystem, thus increasing the range of customer benefits for projects at home and abroad.

We cooperate with a wide range of suppliers of the latest communication technologies, thanks to which our IoT Ecosystem supports, among others, Sigfox, LoRa and NB-IoT networks.