Smart City IoT systems

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and the development of information and communication technologies, our cities have chances to become more citizen-friendly, better organized and more efficient in using the available resources. This is confirmed by the latest report of the Ministry of Digital Affairs "IoT in the Polish economy".

AIUT systems allow companies and local governments to make the vision of Smart Cities real. Discover our capabilities and solutions.

Remote readout systems for water and heat meters

Replace inefficient manual collection readouts with a wireless water or heat monitoring system. Explore the solutions.

Intelligent street lighting

We provide remote control of street lighting. It’s a quick-return investment with environmental and economic benefits.

Remote readout system for electricity meters

Our intelligent monitoring system for electricity meters ensures fast and efficient metering of key parameters, supply continuity, and others.

Remote readout systems for gas meters

Get full control of your network. Discover our intelligent solutions for natural gas distributors.

Manage intelligently,

with the proven AIUT Smart City systems

Discover our intelligent, complete solutions for remote data readouts and advanced diagnostics in the field of gas, water and heat consumption measurement, electricity, as well as LPG tank monitoring and city lighting control systems.

Why should cities be smart?

At AIUT we look at the world through the prism of new technologies and the possibilities of using them to improve working and living conditions.

It is estimated that the implementation of the concept of Smart Cities over the next few years may be an important driving force for the Polish economy, bringing tangible benefits to residents, public administration units and private enterprises.

At AIUT we know how to integrate IoT-based investment activities in your city while minimizing costs in this area. Our rich, long-term experience in creating and developing solutions based on wireless communication allows us to increase the efficiency of dozens of enterprises in Poland and worldwide on a daily basis.

AIUT Smart City: urban space under control

The axis of the Smart Cities concept is the digitization of urban space, where technology meets comfort and safety to improve the quality of life and sustainability of urban environments. The key element enabling the implementation of this idea is the Internet of Things technology, allowing for remote communication between devices (M2M machine to machine) and people. Its use in Smart City solutions guarantees advanced knowledge about the current consumption of media by consumers, allows managing lighting systems or parking lots in the city.

Intelligent IoT Platform

Our intelligent IoT platform together with a sensor system allows for remote, full data acquisition and analysis from urban space or designated infrastructure of companies acting for the benefit of the city and its inhabitants. The implemented IoT Ecosystem enables monitoring of events in real-time and exchange of information both between machines and people.

AIUT IoT Ecosystem

The model of solutions from the AIUT Smart City group is based on the Internet of Things technology and wireless data transmission. Our IoT Ecosystem provides benefits in terms of readouts speed, performance, capacity and security, giving you the ability to integrate with any urban network with a customization procedure.

Our open platform, based on a network of intelligent sensors, will ensure that your business and your city become better organized, more citizen-friendly, and the real-time information you get will increase the efficiency of available resources.

Certified and widely used devices forming our IoT Ecosystem allow for easy integration with any urban consumer network, providing remote current readouts of water, heat, electricity, gas, LPG or street lighting meters.

As part of the implemented ecosystem, we help to use optimally the potential of the collected data, transforming it into valuable information for the company. Thanks to advanced analysis with the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, our systems can point out in advance the places at risk of failure, signal the detection or manage deliveries.

Our systems are based both on wireless data transmission technologies with the use of dedicated communication solutions for IoT (Sigfox, LoRa, NB IoT, Cat-M) as well as publicly available telecommunications networks (GSM 2G, GSM 3G, LTE).

Wherever possible, we increase the availability of transmission technologies suitable for IoT, which in practice means, among other things, comprehensive support for the construction of LoRa's urban, low-cost, radio communication network.

Discover the advantages of the system

What does the city and its inhabitants gain?

  • Remote, ongoing media monitoring
  • Elimination of collection control on properties
  • Abnormalities and leakage detection
  • Detection of unlawful interference with the meter
  • Network failure prevention
  • Remote management of gas supply
  • Possibility to adjust the light intensity within the city
  • Improving the comfort and quality of life of residents


Industries involved

Business automation

We automate production and business processes.

Energy and municipal services

We provide control systems with industrial electricity for power plants, accompanied by Smart City and Smart Grid solutions for network management.

Water and wastewater management

Gain full control over the city’s water and heating network. Discover our intelligent solutions.

Electronics industry

We carry out comprehensive deliveries of robotized lines and production stands for companies from the electronics sector.

Municipalities / Smart City

We provide systems for remote monitoring of water, heat, gas, electricity and LPG consumption - along with leak detection. Choose your solution.