Remote readout system for electricity meters

Our smart meter readout systems enable fast and efficient metering of key parameters, which significantly optimizes the operation of the power company and ensures reliability of energy supply to consumers.

The dynamic development of energy market services raises new challenges in terms of optimizing procedures and reducing costs associated with readouts of electrical meters. Our technologies make this possible. Discover the advanced system of remote readouts of electricity meters from the family of AIUT Smart City solutions.

For those who value comfort

Traditional methods of redout collection become cumbersome for the recipients and unprofitable for the company. The solution is an intelligent IoT system that allows for remote, daily readouts of each energy meter operating in the supplier's network. Our system will automate and greatly simplify the process of collecting consumption data, helping to reduce operating costs.

Automatic daily readouts

The Remote Energy Meter Reader developed by us provides reliable, daily energy meter readouts in both multi-storey and single-family buildings. As part of the solution, the APULSE S2F5 data logger connected to the selected energy meter sends the recorded data to the system via an IoT network. In case of lack of IoT coverage, the data from the device can be transmitted as a walk-by, drive-by readouts.

The system allows for daily remote and automatic readouts of any electric meter, with the accuracy to the day and hour, as well as the unattended billing invoice. It is a convenient and safe business solution, both for the power company and individual customers.

Our solution is compatible with a wide range of meters from market-leading manufacturers and ready to be installed on existing or new energy consumption meters. This means no additional costs associated with unplanned replacement of existing infrastructure within the power grid.

Our solutions have been working for years for AIUT customers in Poland and worldwide. The devices manufactured by us are certified and meet the highest safety standards.

The advantages of the system:

  • remote, automatic readouts
  • device breach attempt detection
  • compatibility with water and gas meters from the leading manufacturers
  • local and remote (walk-by, drive-by) readout possible
  • digital customer service enabled
  • simple integration with a billing system

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