Remote readout of gas meters

Manage intelligently. Gain full control over your city's natural gas supply network with an advanced system to monitor current hourly gas consumption for any location in your network.

Wireless hourly readouts

Replace inefficient manual collection readouts with an intelligent system for remote readout of gas meters and natural gas network management. Monitor consumption in real time for every customer of your network


Time saving and effective readouts

Manage the whole city remotely. Change the manual readout of gas meters installed in multi-storey and single-family buildings to an advanced daily readout system. With our wireless, certified pulse data loggers, installed on bellows gas meters, you have constant access to data.

How does our system work?

The AIUT pulse data logger installed on the gas meter transmits the obtained data directly to the IoT cloud. Extensive functionality of our devices ensures 100% effectiveness of readouts in case of lack of IoT communication it is possible to carry out standard walk-By, drive-by readouts. Locations without IoT coverage are equipped with a data concentrator OKO 5xx5, which transfers data obtained from the data loggers to the server via GSM network.

The system allows for remote and automatic readouts of any gas meter, with an accuracy to the day and hour, as well as unattended invoicing. It is a convenient and safe business solution, both for the company supplying gas and its customers.

Our recording equipment is ready for installation on existing or new gas meters. This means no additional costs associated with the unplanned replacement of the existing infrastructure within the gas network.

Our solutions have been working for years for AIUT customers in Poland and worldwide. The devices manufactured by us are certified and meet the highest safety standards.

The advantages of the system:

  • easy to implement
  • independence from existing infrastructure
  • customization to the specific requirements of distributors
  • remote, hourly readouts
  • high readout efficiency
  • current monitoring of consumption
  • elimination of manual readouts
  • registration of unlawful interference with the meter
  • cost reduction
  • quick return on investment
  • ATEX certificate
  • SRD, IoT and GSM wireless communication

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