Radical automation

According to the concept of Industry 4.0, all production processes should be integrated, monitored and thoroughly analyzed for their best management based on the actual overall state of the factory. Use Radical Automation solutions and create one coherent communication ecosystem for your company management.

In the days of possibilities brought by the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, only integration of automation, IT and logistics systems allows for total optimization of production processes. We turn this idea into new solutions for industry.

This is how Radical Automation works.


Automation of auxiliary processes - the key to Smart Factory

The range of the production processes automation should include both production lines and their surroundings. The essence of Radical Automation is to extend the scope of the production process automation to include further areas, especially those covering internal logistics and warehouse management. In this approach, the Radical Automation model should be understood as:

  • distinctively increased commitment to the automation of logistics and support processes, exceeding the company's previous expectations;
  • a greatly expanded sense of what automation, manufacturing, and support processes can involve.

One ecosystem for better management

The approach towards the automation process should be holistic. Hence, all business-relevant areas and resources of a production company have to be combined into one coherent communication ecosystem. This means gradual incorporation of further zones and production structures (especially in the area of internal logistics) into the already-automated area of key processes.

Products and services

Our task is to help you operate without experiencing downtime. We're here for support your efforts in organizing a safe production environment. As part of the Radical Automation model, we offer new product and service standards for the automation of auxiliary processes and the extension of key production.

Maximo Express – Asset and maintenance management system

AIUT solution built based on IBM Maximo systems, ready for immediate implementation.

Qursor Express production management system

Manage intelligently from now on. The solution is ready for immediate implementation.

Polymorphic production

We create a new, flexible production system which utilizes mobile production stations.

Automation of internal transportation

Optimize processes of in-house logistics with a fleet of autonomous mobile vehicles.