Interior location platform

We offer a new quality in the resource and work management. Check out what our intelligent platform can do to locate people and resources in production companies and workplaces. We focus on digitising your business with having your organisation in mind.

System for locating resources and people

Location of any elements and objects, including people in the space of production halls and offices, is a new opportunity to manage the company, which is given by our technologically advanced system of location inside the building Romotus. It is a world-class solution for locating, monitoring and securing mobile facilities and employees in any building space (production hall, office building, hotel, medical facility) in real-time and based on historical data.

New quality in resource and labour management

Knowledge of the time and scope of tasks performed by your team will allow you to increase the effectiveness and safety of work and maximize profits of your company.

How does Romotus work?

Romotus is an intelligent AIUT solution based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology. The system offers knowledge about the location of employees, materials and warehouse resources at any time in real-time and based on historical data, for the best possible evaluation of work efficiency, increase in productivity and improve health and safety.

Possibilities and advantages of the system

Romotus monitors the full activity of personnel and static and moving objects including pallets, autonomous AGVs or forklifts in the interior space. The system locates the positions of any number of employees and company resources, increasing plant productivity. Thanks to integration with access control and vision systems, Romotus ensures compliance with health and safety procedures and increases work safety.

Thanks to any creation of work environment maps, the system allows to virtualize security management in the enterprise space. Intelligent sensors emit light, audible and vibrating safety signals when crossing or leaving a user's permitted zone. They also have an SOS button, signalling the need to help a specific employee.

The system monitors the selected space, including special zones, including deactivated or restricted zones, and, in the manner desired by the master user, alerts the user to the entry of an unauthorized person or vehicle into the confidential zone.

The platform allows you to create any zone with access linking for a specific employee. In this way, Romotus automates logging into the internal system, extinguishes the monitor after leaving the workplace, moreover, it cooperates with intelligent building systems (automatic switching off the light after leaving the room, adjustment of air conditioning options).

Romotus offers full knowledge of the location of mobile facilities and resources in warehouses, production halls and car parks, as well as other fixed assets. The system allows for a detailed analysis of the condition of all monitored objects based on real-time as well as historical data. This allows to optimize the availability of goods and inventory of facilities to optimize orders and delivery.

The system fully cooperates with a fleet of autonomous FORMICA 1 robots, creating a coherent, intelligent communication and resource management platform. Thanks to the integration with the object location system, FORMICA 1 mobile platforms gain a full picture of the working environment and can also transfer information among themselves for the selection of optimal routes.

System customization

Romotus is a technologically advanced, flexible solution based on several location technologies (UWB, Bluetooth and GPS), designed as part of the internal infrastructure of an individual company or facility, with the possibility of wide castomization. Explore the elements of the system:

These are devices in the form of ID badges for employees or locators for mobile and static objects that transmit information to base stations.

The system infrastructure is installed stationary in any interior space. Our system accumulates, aggregates and processes the collected information based on advanced data analysis.

The management panel is available to designated system operators. Administrators can create special zones, modify data fields, change views, track maps and trace objects, start video previews, signal and receive security alarms from users all in real time, via a friendly interface.

  • Industrial enterprises and plants
  • Production sector
  • Warehouse management
  • Transport and cargo terminal
  • Office spaces
  • Public administration
  • HoReCa sector: Hotels, Restaurants, Catering
  • Health care
  • Research laboratories
  • Public administration

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