Polymorphic production

We have a goal of improving your production chain. Thanks to our advanced solutions, we create a flexible ecosystem of production processes. This gives factories the opportunity to implement low-series production, without affecting main manufacturing processes.

Polymorphic production makes your factory more flexible

New consumer trends are a challenge for automated manufacturing plants. Nowadays, the quality and speed of production have no less value than flexible and on-time management of the production process. How can a factory keep up with changing consumer preferences? Our answer is polymorphic production with the use of mobile production stations.

A new link in flexible production

Mobile production line

We expand key manufacturing processes by installing new sockets in the production space of the plant. Thus, parallel production lines are created. These lines are supported by cobots and FORMICA 1 autonomous mobile platforms - intelligent robots that are safe to cooperate with and simple to program for new tasks.

The system designates a new production line in virtual reality, as various sequences of actions to be performed. They are, for instance: transporting semi-assembled parts to the next assembly point in the production hall or a cobot performing specific tasks directly on-board of a mobile production station. This modern approach is becoming crucial in the context of manufacturing, especially for short production series.

We have created a new, flexible production system utilising mobile production stations. How does it work?
We expand key manufacturing processes
We create automated mobile production stations, utilizing autonomous mobile robots and cobots.
We install new manufacturing sockets in the production space of the plant.
The system designates a new production line in virtual reality, as various sequences of actions to be performed.
That’s how a Factory 4.0 works.

Advantages of polymorhic production

  • expansion of key manufacturing processes
  • flexible manufacturing process management
  • side production independent of the main production line
  • short series production made possible
  • mobility of production stations
  • speed and ease of programming robots according to new guidelines
  • reduction of costs of applying changes or adaptations in the main production line

Cobot integration

Integrated with a cobot, our mobile platform can perform specific production tasks directly on-board. The use of a collaborative robot allows for safe automation and acceleration of the manufacturing processes that are partly carried out by humans.

You can find out more about cobots

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