AIUT as one of the experts during Impact re:action 2020 connected by Krakow

We gladly invite you to one of the most important business events of recent months. On Wednesday, June 3, the first fully digital congress dedicated to the economy and innovations in Poland, Impact re:action 2020 connected by Krakow, will begin. The formula of the annual event has been designed to be fully online. The broadcast from the live studio will start at noon on the Wirtualna Polska portal: At 2:00 PM, we will present a report on the digitization of the economy in the era of a pandemic along with recommendations for Poland in the field of digital development.

AIUT out-of-the-box recommendations

As part of Impact re: action 2020, specially appointed expert groups will present specific ideas and strategies for the future of the digital economy, biotechnology and digital science. We are pleased to be participants of this opinion-making group. AIUT team will present new possibilities and ways to digitize Polish economy in the context of an economic freeze. The recommendations were collected in a proprietary special report "The Freeze Effect - a Chance for Radical Digitization of the Polish Economy", which will be announced and published during the event.

As part of virtual roundtable meetings, the organizers will invite representatives of business, public administration and the world of science to discuss the conclusions and recommendations presented in the reports announced during Impact re:action 2020 connected by Krakow.

First fully digital conference: connecting with Impact

How does the current epidemic situation accelerate the digital transformation of the economy in Poland? What should be done so that the actions taken so far to adapt businesses to unusual realities at a rapid pace could be used in the next stages of development? How to make use of the current situation for the expansion of individual sectors and companies? Jerzy Greblicki, PhD., director of the Radical Automation Industry at AIUT, and Tomasz Serafin, director of the AIUT Research and Development Office in Wrocław, will give answers to all these questions during the conference. They both are the authors of "The Freezing Effect - a Chance for Radical Digitization of the Polish Economy" report, prepared in cooperation with the 300Research publishing house.

Gain access to the reports

2020 changed the economy. Our way of thinking about society and communication has changed as well. The first quarter of 2020 defied the existing practices of production, distribution and consumption. Therefore, on June 3, 2020, we will meet in a completely new reality - but with an action plan in our heads.

AIUT experts' special report "The Freezing Effect - a Chance for Radical Digitization of the Polish Economy" consists of ready-made recipes and scenarios for development in new realities. The most important topics and recommendations from the publication will be presented during the event and the report itself will be made available to registered conference participants.

Let's meet online - this Wednesday, June 3. The registration for the conference is free of charge. The registration form is available on the organizer's website.

Only registered participants gain access to the event and the exclusive materials, previously unpublished, including reports, video speeches and partner zones. So feel invited.