IT for industry

The dynamic development of the AIUT IT department allows us to provide advanced services and products to our customers. We provide some of the best CMMS/EAM class solutions on the global market, which cover the full range of enterprise asset management, as well as support for maintenance, repair and service management (AIUT-IBM Maximo). We design and implement complex automation, control and production process management systems. We create intelligent IoT ecosystems for remote, automatic readout and monitoring of municipal enterprise networks and Smart Grid.

IT areas


We help manage your company's assets intelligently. Increase your company's efficiency with leading Enterprise Asset Management systems.

Transmissions technologies

Our IoT ecosystems are based on the latest available data transmission technologies, including LoRaWAN and Sigfox.

Research and development

We introduce new, advanced products and services in the field of IoT and industrial automation. Meet our research and development department.

Data Center

AIUT servers ensure data security along with the flexibility and performance of the application in a local and hybrid environment.

Service Desk

Our teams of specialists provide support 24 hours a day (24/7), ensuring proper functioning of the implemented systems.


Manage comfortably. Gain full control over business and task implementation, thanks to advanced AIUT applications

Big Data

AIUT Big Data platforms operate on based on the latest, intelligent technologies. All for the development of your business.

Business Intelligence

AIUT helps to shape business processes and control them effectively - all based on advanced data analysis.

Artificial Intelligence

Discover our intelligent solutions and robots supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning protocols.