Service Desk

Service Desk is a section dedicated for our clients. Our team of top-class specialists provides 24/7 support, ensuring the proper work of the implemented systems. Our goal is the top quality maintenance and enhanced effectiveness of our solutions and services with a particular emphasis on IoT ecosystems.

We operate 24/7.

We help enterprises streamline the functioning of their plants. We also guarantee support throughout the entire implementation and operation cycle of the IoT ecosystem.

Global support

Based on the good ITIL practices and our own IT service management methodology, our teams of specialists provide a worldwide, 24/7 support for AIUT clients. In the area of IoT services, we have been responsible for the reliable functioning of over 90,000 tank monitoring systems, over 30,000 gas installations and 500 petrol stations.

  • We operate based on both: good ITIL practices and our own IT service management methodology.
  • We have been effectively expanding the range of Service Desk operations to other areas of our company's operations.

How does AIUT Service Desk work?

1st line
registering tickets, quick solution of simple issues, performing recurring tasks (monitoring and verification of system elements), KPIs verification
2nd line
solving complex issues and responding to them, editing new contributions to Knowledge Base, analyzing and creating KPI reports
3rd line
developers, engineers, IT systems administration

Local support

AIUT has established its competence centers in 6 countries around the world. Our teams of qualified specialists operate effectively in the offices located in Poland, USA, Germany, India, Romania and China. This guarantees our partners very quick response time in the events that require direct support.

Application support

We supervise the implementation and proper operation of implemented IoT ecosystems. We monitor and improve processes towards the needs of a particular company. We operate following the idea of Industry 4.0, offering services regarding predictive maintenance in order to eliminate any potential incidents in the future.

Consulting services

Many years of experience and a vast, continuously updated Knowledge Base (KB), allow our experts to bring professional help for our business partners in the optimization of their methodologies and processes. These increasing competences result in improved quality of AIUT Service Desk that provides our clients with the highest standard of help and support.

What do you gain?

  • A significant improvement in the efficiency of implemented services and solutions
  • Less time and money spent on maintaining the systems used
  • Event prediction ability, based on real-time and historical data
  • A qualified team of specialists, offering comprehensive support throughout the entire implementation and operation cycle of the IoT Ecosystem
  • Professionals covering communication in many languages
  • Advanced KPI analysis systems
  • Clearly defined Service Level Agreement (SLA)