Qursor production management system

Qursor is an advanced, intelligent system for managing production plant and business processes such as Shop Floor Management (SFM).

One ecosystem for a remote production and business process management

Manage intelligently, thanks to the advanced features of the Qursor system. We integrate our solution with other plant automation systems, creating reliable factories.

Manage effectively

We support manufacturing companies at all levels of company management. Our proprietary Qursor system is an intelligent, modular solution for production and in-house logistics management. It enables the integration of control areas and the command over individual processes, creating a single, coherent, remotely managed ecosystem.

Qursor is an advanced solution for managing various processes, such as production, auxiliary and business ones. It’s designed to optimize, integrate and control the work of your company.

Why is it worth using?

Companies deal with the complexity of issues followed by a huge number of main and auxiliary processes. It is possible to organize them on a high level only with the use of intelligent production management system, such as Qursor.

By giving operators a digital insight into the production process, you save time and prevent potential errors and failures.

The solution streamlines the work of everyone involved in the decision-making and production processes.

Qursor helps to control and minimize costs. In a precise and fast way, the system informs about irregularities in the course of the production process, indicating areas at risk of failure (predictive maintenance).

The system supervises compliance with deadlines and budgets.

How does Qursor work?

We combine the stability of solutions based on production controllers (for checking the correctness of received information, signal quality and responsivity of connected equipment) with Big Data analysis, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence technology. The solution provides real-time communication of the sequence for the best possible optimization of work, while at the same time full data archiving - offering new opportunities to use the knowledge acquired in this way - turning the digital message into valuable information for the company.


  • Qursor is a flexible, intuitive management platform that can be adapted to the needs of any production company.
  • The system supervises and optimizes all defined processes, giving a full view of the current situation in the production divisions.
  • The system is recognized for its simplicity of operation, configuration and expansion. It allows connecting an unlimited number of stations, scanners and peripheral devices.
  • The solution allows you to automate processes, eliminate errors, obtain data in real-time and, in case of unexpected events, reduce the response time to a minimum.
  • Qursor has plug-and-play functionality for installing new devices or replacing control stations.
  • The data collected by the system informs about the progress of work on individual tasks. It also visualizes the efficiency of people, machines and devices in the context of a given order.
  • The software allows to optimize and estimate working time. It is a tool for production reporting, providing mobile access to all production processes.
  • It allows for cooperation with the Maintenance Department: the system operator can report any irregularities related to the operation of the machine in real-time.
  • The solution is offered as a web app, providing access from any mobile device used in your company - from standard PCs, through smartphones, tablets, laptops, to touch panels.

Explore the advantages of the system

  • Increasing production flow and work efficiency
  • Forecasting machine wear and possible failures
  • Communication among system users and in the Machine to Machine mode
  • Analysis of the data collected to determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Optimization of the production process
  • Real-time event control and communication
  • Minimizing the risk of exceeding the order execution deadline
  • Communication with third-party ERP or EAM systems
  • Secure data acquisition and storage
  • Intelligent analysis and replication of information
  • Production reports
  • Mobile access based on an intuitive interface

Qursor customization

A basic, fast and easy to implement version of the system.

An extended version of the system, with individual functionalities, for flexible adaptation to customer needs.

An option for the demanding ones: a dedicated solution, designed for an individual customer, not restricted for industrial enterprises.