Production lines and stations

We provide our clients with automated, robotic production lines and stations. We are capable of delivering entire factories as well. We perform a complete implementation of a project, including the assembly, start-up and servicing tasks.

Robotics and mechatronics

We provide high standard turn-key services for the construction of robotic stations and production lines as well as production management systems.

We provide support at every stage of the investment process - from design to delivery and commissioning of a robotic line and production stations at the customer's site. We provide service throughout the entire product life cycle: from the initial implementation period to many years of operation.

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Individual approach and new technologies

While starting the designing process of a production line or station or machine, we begin our work a detailed analysis of the assumptions for developing the best solution concept. This is the right response that the customer's individual needs require.

We create dynamic computer simulations of the main elements of robotic stations. This stage accelerates the further implementation of the project, minimizing the risk of possible errors during the actual implementation. Especially for the implementation of large production lines, we use virtual commissioning technology (production process simulation).

Our own mechanical workshop

We value independence and high-quality solutions. We have our own executive facilities in the AIUT mechanical workshop. This guarantees the efficient and timely implementation of even very complex projects for the construction of robotic lines and production stations. We carry out implementations in a turn-key model, offering support at every stage of investment and in the further product life cycle.

Multidisciplinary teams of engineers

The automation and robotics division is responsible for the implementation of our company's main projects. The department brings together over 500 competent, experienced engineers of various specializations including automation, electrics, mechanics, mechatronics and robotics. The interdisciplinary nature of our teams allows us to respond to the complex needs of customers, bringing international recognition to our company. Over 3000 completed implementations around the world are more than enough for a great reference.

Discover our potential

Among others, we design, manufacture and deliver:

  • control and assembly stations (tightness, geometrical dimensions of electrical parameters)
  • camera systems for quality control
  • palletizing stations
  • welding stations
  • workstations for protective layers application
  • glueing stations
  • feeding elements for machines, handling presses
  • machining stations for cast and plastic elements (chamfering, drilling, cutting)
  • comprehensive design of a station
  • implementation in own mechanical workshop
  • tests at the AIUT headquarters
  • on-site assembly
  • commissioning and testing at the customer's location

Discover QURSOR. A dedicated production management system that allows you to save up to 70% of time spent planning. Thanks to the automation of production control processes (in terms of effective work stations planning, their robotization, use of appropriate machines) we gain a guarantee of smooth work while eliminating possible downtime and errors.

Manage your production efficiently based on:

  • warehouse management modules
  • machine and production management modules
  • automated task delegation

Discover Maximo IT EAM solutions. Our goal is to improve the work of enterprises constantly, especially in the area of process control and maintaining the proper technical condition of devices. We implement modern solutions for maintenance services. They allow you to precisely manage the company's fixed assets infrastructure and plan properly tasks of technical inspections, machine maintenance, repair and warehouse management, or ordering parts and components - all this to ensure the plant to work without interruptions.

You gain:


Discover FORMICA 1 - a new link in the intelligent production line. Equipped with advanced software and security systems, our intelligent AGV robots can be used as product transporters, as well as mobile production stations.

FORMICA 1 supports the work of enterprises with the traditional-mannered supply of components needed at production lines. It can also act as an assembly platform integrated with the production line. At the same time, the vehicle itself has the ability to be fully integrated with a collaborative robot or other devices.

We provide solutions based on linear drives, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, servo drives and industrial robots of leading global manufacturers:

  • ABB
  • Comau
  • Fanuc
  • Kuka
  • Motoman (Yaskawa)

Warranty and post-warranty service

We provide our clients with a full warranty and post-warranty service for implemented projects, throughout the entire investment life cycle. This is a common complementary practice while working with AIUT. With the highest standard of services in mind, we provide the option of our qualified 24/7 support service.

Guarantee of business benefits (PRaaS)

We are a mature business partner. Our solutions allow enterprises to significantly optimize processes and reduce costs, as well as improve the quality of services provided. To support these declarations, a flexible approach to achieving business benefits as part of our projects is brought.

We offer various scenarios for cooperation - from technical support and consulting in traditional models, to sharing responsibility for achieving goals (KPIs) for specified areas in the PRaaS model - Process Responsibility as a Service - which guarantees business benefits for AIUT partners.


Industries involved

Industrial automation

30 years of AIUT experience in the automation and robotization of the global industry allow us to provide systems, machines and production lines in a

Ecology / Recycling

AIUT systems support the process of environmental protection and ensure environmental safety related to the specificity of the company’s work.

Electrical industry

We provide complete deliveries and assembly of production lines and production management systems, as well as building automation systems.

Mining and mineral industry

We provide integrated systems and solutions to support our customers in the mining and mineral processing industries.

Metallurgy and smelting industry

We specialise in providing control systems for the automation of production processes.

Cement-lime industry

Our systems control, among others, lime kilns, automate the process of testing, transporting and loading of lime and cement.

Electronics industry

We carry out comprehensive deliveries of robotized lines and production stands for companies from the electronics sector.

Rubber and plastic industry

AIUT supplies robotic lines for production and packaging of natural rubber and plastics.

Furniture industry

We automate furniture production, providing comprehensive, flexible systems for consistent production, transport and warehouse management.


We specialize in the design and delivery of complete solutions, including robotic lines and production stands for the automotive industry.

Lighting industry

AIUT engages in design and complete supply of modern production lines for companies in the lighting sector.

Paper industry

We program and commission turn-key paper machines and provide control systems for paper and cardboard production. Discover our capabilities.

Food industry

Our experience in working for the food industry is supported by numerous implementations of robotic stations and production lines.

Automation and robotics - areas of solutions

Building Management System

Manage your building with intelligent Building Management System (BMS).


Streamline and speed up industrial processes using cooperating robots. Explore the possibilities.

Autonomous mobile robots

Use our self-propelled mobile robots to automate the transportation and improve your results. Check how quick the implementation can be.

Automation of industrial logistics

Automate your in-house transport and industrial logistics with AIUT robots and systems.

Automated storage and retrieval systems

Increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations by introducing automated solutions. Discover the systems and their benefits.

Qursor production management system

Control and automate your production and business processes with our intelligent platform.

Mobile production stations

Our mobile robots can act as product carriers as well as mobile production stations.

Virtual Commissioning

We use virtual commissioning technology to shorten the actual start-up time of production lines.