AIUT creates comprehensive solutions for industry. We design, implement and integrate advanced systems in the area of automation and industrial electricity, robotics and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) - all this to create reliable and prosperous factories.

AIUT provides its clients with robotic production lines and stations. We equip enterprises with solutions based on IoT and AI technologies. Our company implements intelligent media and fuel monitoring systems. We are expanding our competences in the field of deep data analysis, production plant management systems, and company assets maintenance.

IT for industry

AIUT designs systems and applications. We provide comprehensive IT services for implemented solutions.

Automation and robotics

We design, manufacture and deliver turn-key robotized production lines and stations, as well as automation and plant management systems.


IoT AIUT intelligent ecosystems monitor, automate and streamline the work of businesses. Explore the solutions.

Process engineering

We automate production processes, in the chemical and petrochemical industries, among others. We provide turn-key advanced systems and installations.

Industrial electricity

For nearly 30 years we have been implementing turn-key projects in the field of automation and industrial electricity for customers around the world.

Radical automation

Take automation to the next level with Radical automation intelligent solutions.