Transmissions technologies

Our IoT ecosystems operate on the basis of the latest available data transmission technologies, including LoRa and Sigfox networks. This increases the range of benefits for the client’s projects implemented worldwide.

We make more possibilities

We utilize new possibilities of wireless communication for remote M2M (machine to machine) communication between devices as well as for reliable IoT ecosystems support. Our solutions are adapted to work with the latest available transmission technologies, including those that are just being introduced to the market.

The future of urban IoT in LPWAN

Low Power Wide Area Networks

  • The most popular IoT supporting technology
  • Enables the IoT system to operate over a large area
  • Ensures low power consumption and wide range
  • Encrypted, secure transmission
  • Allows narrowband receivers of higher sensitivity to be used

That's how LPWAN works.


Perfect connectability

Unlike 2G, 3G or 4G networks, LPWAN networks are based on robust protocols, making them the most optimal technology for battery-powered IoT devices.

The advantages of LPWAN networks

LoRaWAN speeds-up the data transfer within the IoT ecosystem, where devices connect to the network right after being activated. It’s a wide area network ensuring low power consumption and bidirectional data transmission.

Advantages of LoRa networks

  • Long distance transmission:Wireless communication range of over 15 km
  • Designed to connect a large number of devices
  • Effective standard for IoT systems operating in large areas
  • Gathering data from vast areas
  • secured against unauthorized access
  • extremely wide area coverage and low power consumption
  • Low power consumption results in long battery life (up to 10 years)
  • greater robustness
  • Communication solution for Smart City
  • LoRa adaptability for IoT, M2M, Smart City and industrial solutions
  • convenient solution for remote data readout

Smart City: use available LoRaWAN gateways

The infrastructure based on LoRa and Sigfox technologies can be used in a wider scope – as a mass communication platform for IoT devices constituting an alternative to widely available wireless networks (GSM, LTE).