Automated storage and retrieval systems

Our solutions for the digitization of industrial logistics include automated in-house transportation, automated warehousing systems (ASRS), and automated management of logistics operations and procedures.

Optimize the work of your warehouse. Automate and manage your storage, picking, and releasing processes remotely. Increase the efficiency of warehouse operations and improve security. Should you expect an individual approach? This is our style. We integrate and deliver complete, automated solutions and warehouse logistics systems oriented to customer needs.

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  • Increased efficiency of logistics processes
  • Space savings
  • Elimination of downtime
  • Remote management of ordering, picking and shipping processes
  • Constant, high standard of order fulfilment
  • Improved security
  • Optimization of the main production process

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We provide comprehensive service and implementation of the automatic warehouse construction project, where all warehouse, transport and order management processes can be automated and integrated based on the best market solutions and technologies.

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We design and implement automatic storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), based on proprietary and partner-derived warehouse and transportation automation systems.

Depending on the specifics of the industry and a given cargo, we can use stacker cranes, automatic lifts, elevators, movers or shuttle trolleys. Various transporting systems (rollers, belt conveyors, rail and suspension systems as well as autonomous mobile vehicles) can be utilized.

The warehouse management system we implement (AIUT WMS - Warehouse Management System) combined with the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) allows for remote and comprehensive management of goods receipt, picking and release processes. The solution provides full control over the order realisation process along with real-time stock status.

  • Online execution of new orders
  • Ongoing inventory update
  • Reports
  • Low stock alerts

Autonomous AIUT Formica mobile robots ensure effective, maintenance-free transportation of any cargo, and optimize logistics and production processes with no industry or company type limitations. Discover the robots.

AIUT is a competent and experienced technology partner. We provide consulting services at the stage of designing the warehouse logistics system. We conduct audits and propose solutions that automate and improve warehouse operations and internal deliveries in the way that's expected by the client.

We work with the largest, recognized global producers of automatic storage and transportation systems.

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Industry competences

AIUT is one of the largest European system integrators for industry. This makes us a competent and independent business partner. We run our own engineering facilities, with more than 500 specialists employed. At the same time, 30 years of experience in the automation and robotization of industrial and logistic processes in almost every industry, allows us to create a solution that precisely meets the needs of our customers.


AIUT brings a comprehensive service to its partnership with clients. It is our part to cover all aspects of a project: the design, construction, implementation, commissioning, integration and servicing of the automated warehouse and transportation systems we provide.