About us

‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it.’ These well-known words of Alan Kay fully reflect the idea of our work. For years, AIUT has been delivering breakthrough automation technologies and IoT ecosystems that increase the business value of enterprises.

We design, we create, we integrate systems

We are one of the largest European system integrators for the industry. For nearly 30 years, AIUT has been supplying the global market with technologically advanced solutions in automation and robotization of production processes, IT, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Our systems -focused on improving and optimizing the work of enterprises - work for the success of our clients and partners around the world.

AIUT is a private company based entirely on Polish capital. On a daily basis, we combine the specialized knowledge and competence of our teams to develop intelligent solutions in the field of production automation as well as enterprise and business process management based on the philosophy of Industry 4.0.

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AIUT has completed over 3000 diverse projects in 70 countries around the world. Our systems are utilized in various industries - automotive, cement and lime, energy and fuel, metallurgy, furniture, food, paper, and many more.

AIUT automates and optimizes production processes. We offer the latest solutions in robotics and mechatronics. We provide turn-key robotic production lines and stations to factories around the world. We equip enterprises with solutions in the area of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and intelligent media metering (Smart City). We specialize in production line management systems, auxiliary processes, intelligent data analysis, and maintenance of production assets.

+500 specialists

We employ 900+ people, of which over half are high-class professional engineers from various specialities, i.e.: automation, IT, electricity, robotics, construction, machine construction, and others. Our solutions are an expression of the modern vision of the company, which is shaped in cooperation with industry, scientific communities and research centers. AIUT strengthens its competences thanks to interdisciplinary, creative teams.

We operate globally

Our teams work stationary in six countries around the world. The company's headquarters is located in Poland in the Katowice Special Economic Zone in Gliwice. AIUT remote competence centers operate in the USA (Greenville), Germany (Dingolfing), India (Bombay), Romania (Sebes) and China (Shenyang). In Poland, the work of the headquarters is supported by field offices (Bielsko-Biała, Bydgoszcz, Opole, Wrocław).

Competence centers worldwide

We believe that solid and close customer relationships are key to optimizing industrial processes. As part of our development strategy, we build local engineering competence centers in key global markets.

Research and development

AIUT has been improving solutions in the field of automation, robotics and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) for nearly 30 years. Our company conducts research and development projects under the AIUT R&D department and in cooperation with leading academic centers, introducing new solutions and products to the market. We own a number of proprietary inventions, patents and trademarks registered in the European Union, as well as in the USA, China, India, Australia and Brazil.


Over the years, AIUT has established its business position among the leaders of the automation, robotics and IIoT market - both in Poland and worldwide. We are a reliable, experienced service provider and a competent partner for global projects. This view is shared by both our new and trusted business partners, with a record in the references we have been given.

That's how we work. Discover the strategy of our development

AIUT is a technology integrator. We focus our engineering knowledge capital in various specializations. This allows us to build interdisciplinary solutions for partners around the world. High competences of our teams, including automation, robotics, electricians, electronics, IT specialists, and many others - constitute the foundation of our activity, giving us extensive opportunities in the field of project implementation.

Locally on global markets

We believe that solid and close customer relationships are key to optimizing industrial processes. They allow the understanding of how to effectively contribute to improving the quality and efficiency of processes. That is why AIUT creates local engineering competence centers in key markets around the world. Their task is to supervise the project during implementation and to provide the highest quality services throughout the product life cycle.

In addition to the company's headquarters in Poland, we run branches in the USA, Germany, India, Romania and China, where 90 per cent of AIUT staff are local specialists. This way, we create international teams, supported by engineers from the headquarters in Gliwice.

Business partnership

We value the trust and shared respect in business relations. Our work and solutions are to meet the needs and development directions of our clients. In this regard, AIUT strategy assumes a high level of project personalization and full responsibility for the service. This means support at every stage of the solution implementation and facilitation of direct contacts thanks to the presence of our teams on local markets.

Research and development

We have the potential and knowledge to provide technological solutions that change the approach to business management in the industrial sector. We are constantly developing and improving our services. We expand the scope of competence thanks to investments in research and development. We run and develop projects under the AIUT R&D department and in cooperation with leading academic centers, introducing new solutions, intelligent robots, and devices to the market.

Discover AIUT Lab, our Research and Implementation Laboratory

New technologies and products

We design and implement technologically advanced solutions based on the philosophy of Industry 4.0. We expand our competences in the area of ​​intelligent data analysis, production plant management systems, and enterprise assets maintenance. We increase the possibilities of our solutions in the field of robotics and mechatronics. AIUT provides its clients with modern machines, robotic production lines and stations. We are capable of delivering entire factories as well. We equip enterprises with solutions in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and intelligent metering (AIUT Smart City IoT).

AIUT experience is supported by our own inventions, patents and trademarks registered in the European Union, as well as in the USA, China, India, Australia and Basil.


We hold our own solution brands that can function as separate companies. Thanks to the development of separate product lines, and at the same time flexible organization of the enterprise, AIUT easily implements multi-industry solutions.


Automate internal transportation and reduce costs thanks to our autonomous mobile robots from the Formica family. Discover the robots.


Create Smart City with us: discover remote monitoring systems for gas, water, heat, energy networks and LPG tanks.


Gain profit by introducing the most accurate fuel loss reduction and leak detection system to your petrol stations.


Discover the solution that allows you to manage a fuel terminal professionally.


Qursor is an advanced, intelligent system for managing production plant and business processes such as Shop Floor Management (SFM).

Market position

Our competence is confirmed by the number of completed projects (3000+) and enterprises using our solutions. These include automotive market leaders or fuel potentates. Our achievements do not overshadow the goal of constantly increasing our efficiency and flexibility - all for an even better implementation of tasks for the benefit of our business partners.

Our history

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New investment in the KSEZ in Gliwice (Poland). Construction of a new production hall and administrative building begins. The total area of AIUT production and office complex in Gliwice will increase by 21 thousand square meters


Establishment of Aformic, a company specialized in design and construction of autonomous mobile robots (AGV)


AIUT headquarters in the KSEZ in Gliwice (Poland) is extended by new production and office space, with the area reaching up to 16 thousand square meters


AIUT Technologies LPP in India is established


International expansion - branches in China, USA and Romania are established


AIUT grows bigger once again. The construction of the second headquarters building n the KSEZ in Gliwice (Poland) begins. This new production-and-office space extends the area of the complex up to 13.5 thousand square meters


Development and first implementation of a liquid fuel distribution management system


AIUT new headquarters in the Katowice Special Economic Zone in Gliwice is built


AIUT becomes the partner of IBM Poland in the implementation of the MAXIMO property management system and other applications from the Tivoli group


Development and first implementation of a smart remote readout system for gas meters


Establishment of a mechanics design team and mechanical workshop; first comprehensive designs of robotic production stations


Development and first implementation of a remote readout system for heat meters


Development and first implementation of a proprietary remote monitoring system for LPG tanks


First implementation of the MAXIMO property management system for MRO Software in the USA


Production of electronic devices begins


Electrical design team and electrical workshop is established


First application of the implementation systems software on the Polish market


AIUT becomes a representative of Elsag Bailey Process Automation N.V. in Poland. This company in 1999 becomes part of the ABB group, but its product lines are still on the market until today


AIUT is founded as a sole proprietorship. The main areas of activity are: export of software services, commissioning of automation and process control systems

Management Board

Marek Gabryś

President, AIUT Sp. z o.o.

Brunon Gabryś

Vice-President, AIUT Sp. z o.o.

Leszek Olejarz

Vice-President, AIUT Sp. z o.o.

Research and development partners

LOGO - Politechnika Śląska
LOGO - Poltechnika Świętokrzyska

AIUT has opened a new branch in Canada


AIUT will implement a remote water meter readout system in Wrocław


WaterPrime: Artificial Intelligence to help cities detect water leaks


AIUT new robot for heavy load transportation


Let’s meet at eLPG Week!


Another two cities implement AIUT SmartCity IoT network


Poland’s Prime Minister visiting AIUT


AIUT as one of the experts during Impact re:action 2020 connected by Krakow


COVID-19. We act and support


Maraharat workers training


Another water supply network joins SmartCity


Piekary Śląskie – the first implementation of LoRa network in Poland


TEDx Sugarland