Transmission technologies

Our solutions operate on the basis of the latest available IoT transmission technologies, what ensures undisturbed data transfer and significantly increases the range of benefits for the client’s projects implemented worldwide.

Compatibility with various communication technologies

We take advantage of the new possibilities available in the area of wireless communication including both non-cellular proprietary LPWAN and the cellular LPWAN technologies. Such as Sigfox, LoRaWAN, Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), (LTE)-M, among others.

To ensure the data readout at the level of 100% our IoT solutions and deployments can operate in combination with other mobile technologies i.e. 2G, 3G, 4G.

We are flexible

Tell us your expectations and we’ll help choosing the best wireless technology for your applications based on data rate, type of connected devices, distance, energy consumption, etc. Whether be it sensors in fixed locations that require extended coverage or outdoor asset tracking that needs low power operations. Our solutions are adaptable and compatible with services provided by various communication technologies ready to satisfy every client’s needs.

Our extensive experience

has given us a deep understanding of how to meet the challenges of new technology deployments in the coming years. We always keep our hand on the pulse of cutting-edge technology making our solutions relevant with the upcoming cellular 5G technology and its complementary relationship with LPWAN technology.

The advantages of low power networks:

  • extended coverage, perfect for individual housing, dense urban and block of flats
  • fast response times and low latencies
  • long battery life operation
  • high capacity
  • low device and deployment costs
  • connecting a large number of devices (uni- or bidirectional communication)
  • encrypted, secure transmission

Diverse local communication interfaces

Depending on the specific limitations of a particular implementation our devices can be equipped with local communication interfaces covering radio 169/433/869MHz or Bluetooth Low Energy module that allows data collection, on-site configuration and diagnostics with the use of dedicated mobile applications. Practically unlimited configuration allows them to be used in a wide variety of areas. Such as wireless data gateway for remote tank monitoring or as a data logger for smart gas meters.