Cobots are designed to interact with humans in a shared workspace. Check out how their potential is used in AIUT's modern solutions.

Cobots are becoming the key element of a contemporary industrial landscape. They allow enterprises to progress into the higher level of process automation – bringing benefit to your business.

Arrange new production quality with us

We have been operating in the area of automation and robotized production lines for nearly 3 decades. We offer comprehensive services covering the design and modernization of production lines along with the construction of production stations where industrial robots and cobots are utilized.

Mobile production stations by AIUT

FORMICA 1 is our response to the challenges of flexible production and optimized internal logistics. It’s an autonomous mobile platform, easily integrated with cobots. This is how our mobile production stations are created - a new link embedded in smart production lines.

Robotized factory logistics

Integrated with cobots, our automated guided vehicle platforms are able to perform assigned tasks right on their own boards. Cobots allow for the automation of processes in the area of internal logistics and the warehouse sector. A robotic arm, integrated with the platform, enables to pick products from the rack and place them directly on-board, just to unload it in a designated place afterwards – all that with highest safety precautions met


  • increased operation efficiency
  • flexible automation and production process
  • wide range of applications
  • improved production quality
  • co-creation of mobile production platforms
  • solution for labour shortages

Cutting-edge benefits of advanced automation

Collaborative robots are intended to interact with humans in one shared space. Equipped with advanced safety sensors, cobots react to any potential collision. The possibility of direct interaction with human enables to create various scenarios in the area of robotics and work organization.

Cobots can transform the production into a much more flexible process. They also play a vital part in improving the plant's efficiency significantly.

Reduction of existing costs related to the production process is yet another important factor in favour of robotized production lines.

Cobots can be smoothly adapted to work in various areas of the plant. Moreover, they can be programmed for new tasks easily. Their main advantage is that they don’t need to be configured by robotics engineers, which can be a key aspect for short production series.

Cobots are notably useful in areas where traditional-mannered industrial robots cannot be utilized because of the lack of space for the classic safety systems or enclosure required

The competence of the crew is increasing. Robotization of production lines is an inevitable sign of times. Both these allow for the potential of the production staff to be utilized more efficiently in other areas. Also, the use of cobots in production processes brings a solution for ensuring the continuity of the plant's operation, especially in urgent and unexpected events , where the work can not be performed by human.

Industries involved

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