Building Management System

We provide Building Management Solutions (BMS) for the control of mechanical ventilation systems, heat distribution and cooling centres, cooling towers (HVAC installations automation) and lighting in production facilities.

We have been implementing modern technologies in building management systems since 2010.

Intelligent installations make building management easier, significantly increasing the level of comfort in the area of the facility and the production space.

Building Management System

Convenient managing

In the range of BMS and HVAC automation, we perform:

  • power supply and control system - complete electrical project
  • control and measurement instruments and automation (I&C)
  • software and visualization.

Turn-key installations

While designing and implementing, we pay attention to the individual requirements of production plants that result from the high-quality standards for HVAC systems. We supply our installations in a turn-key model.

Potential and advantages

  • Our solutions are based on the products of leading manufacturers of BMS systems, PLC controllers and SCADA systems
  • AIUT systems allow fow a full parametrization and an insight into the work of indoor installations.
  • The user can conveniently adapt existing infrastructure to the needs of the plant
  • In case of malfunction, quick diagnostics help shorten the time for the production to restart

Industries involved

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