Gain full control over business and task implementation, thanks to advanced AIUT IoT Ecosystem. Control the consumption, manage the delivers and devices and automate service work remotely. We will adapt our solutions to your needs.

Discover our applications

dedicated for data acquisition, handling communication links, as well as efficient management of devices, locations and meters.


Comprehensive application designed to visualize the measurement and diagnostic data. Discover the possibilities and advantages for the user.


Perform installations, configure devices, read data automatically from meters in the walk-by system - all via your smartphone.


Supervise the issues and KPI performance, plan the installations and services. All that thanks to one application.


Gain full control over LPG consumption and inventory. Discover the possibilities and benefits of the application.


From now on, the fuel distribution planning process will become simple and transparent.


Convenient, mobile way for controlling gas consumption and remote top-up by the end customer. Via your smartphone, no need to step outside the home.

SGM management console

Application for efficient management of data loggers, meters and consumer profiles. Discover the possibilities and advantages for the user.

Industries involved

Industrial automation

30 years of AIUT experience in the automation and robotization of the global industry allow us to provide systems, machines and production lines in a

Business automation

We automate production and business processes.

Energy and municipal services

We provide control systems with industrial electricity for power plants, accompanied by Smart City and Smart Grid solutions for network management.

Gas, oil and petrochemical industry

We design and modernise industrial installations. Our solutions manage terminals and fuel stations, enabling full monitoring of deliveries.

Water and wastewater management

Gain full control over the city’s water and heating network. Discover our intelligent solutions.

Metallurgy and smelting industry

We specialise in providing control systems for the automation of production processes.

Electronics industry

We carry out comprehensive deliveries of robotized lines and production stands for companies from the electronics sector.

Fuel industry

We provide full monitoring of fuel along the entire supply chain - from the fuel terminal to an individual customer at the fuel station.

Municipalities / Smart City

We provide systems for remote monitoring of water, heat, gas, electricity and LPG consumption - along with leak detection. Choose your solution.

Fuel terminals

We automate security, logistics and fuel depot management processes. We provide tank monitoring systems and vapour recovery installations.