Remote readout systems for gas meters

Get full control of your network. Discover our intelligent solutions for natural gas distributors. Turn inefficient manual readouts collection into a wireless consumption monitoring system at any time for every gas meter in your network.

Remote control of EVC equipment

Our solutions allow EVC (electronic gas volume corrector) devices to communicate via advanced remote communication.

Prepaid system and valve control

Allows to sell gas in a prepaid model, top-up the account at any time, and unlock the gas valve remotely.

Active pressure monitoring

An advanced and reliable solution for remote monitoring of gas networks.

Remote readout of gas meters with pulse output

Discover our solution for bellows, rotor and turbine gas meters with pulse output.

Remote readout of gas meters

Monitor current hourly gas consumption for any location in your network.

Choose your solution. Get remote data on the level of gas consumption of each user connected to the gas network. Our IoT systems ensure high security standards and good payroll practices.

IoT ecosystem

Our ecosystem for Smart City solutions is based on Internet of Things technology and wireless data transmission. It provides remote, on-going monitoring of consumption, eliminates the need for collection checks on properties, detects anomalies, illegal interference with the meter, and allows you to manage remotely the flow of gas to any premises using the supply of this medium.

Certified equipment

Our open platform, based on a network of intelligent sensors, will ensure that your business and your city become better organized, more citizen-friendly, and that the information you get in real time increases the efficiency of the use of available resources. Our solutions have been operating for years for AIUT customers in Poland and worldwide, and the devices we manufacture are certified and meet the highest safety standards.

Leak detection

As part of the implemented IoT Ecosystem, we help to use the potential of the collected data optimally, transforming it into valuable information for the company. Thanks to advanced analysis using artificial intelligence algorithms, our systems allow for gas leak detection and precise supply management.

Transmission technologies

Our systems are based both on wireless data transmission technologies with the use of dedicated communication solutions for IoT (Sigfox, LoRa, NB IoT, Cat-M) as well as publicly available telecommunications networks (GSM 2G, GSM 3G, LTE).

Own radio networks

Wherever possible, we increase the availability of transmission technologies suitable for IoT, which in practice means, among other things, comprehensive support for the construction of LoRa urban, low-cost, radio communication network.