Prepaid system and valve control

For users who appreciate flexibility and freedom of action, we have developed Smart Prepaid.

Discover Smart Prepaid. Our solution allows you to sell gas in a prepaid model, consisting in the purchase of a specific amount of gas fuel by an individual customer with the possibility to top-up the account at any time and remote unblocking of the gas valve.

Get a full control of your accounts

Thanks to Smart Prepaid, the individual customer gains full control over their expenses and the freedom to recharge the meter at any time. At the same time, our system improves the financial liquidity of the gas supplier helping to eliminate debts and build positive loyalty relationships with customers.

Manage your supplies remotely

As part of the implemented solution, our data logger (OLAN I0F5 or OKO Ixx5) mounted on a gas meter equipped with an internal valve sends the readouts to the server via the IoT network.

The user fully controls the state of his resources. Through a dedicated application or through a web portal, the recipient obtains current information about the balance of his account and recharges it remotely. The valve is automatically closed when the account runs out of money resources and is ready to be reopened remotely after the account top-up.


The system allows for remote and automatic readouts of the gas meter with an internal valve and maintenance-free prepaid settlement system. It is a convenient and safe solution, optimizing portfolio management both on the side of the company providing the gas and its customer.

Our recording equipment is ready for installation on existing or new gas meters with built-in valve control. This means no additional costs associated with the unplanned replacement of existing infrastructure.

Our solutions have been working for years for AIUT customers in Poland and worldwide. The devices manufactured by us are certified and meet the highest safety standards.

The advantages of the system:

  • remote control of the valve
  • online account top-up
  • improving loyalty relations between customers and gas supplier
  • improvement of financial liquidity and reduction of debts
  • quick return on investment
  • remote valve opening

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