The devices we design and manufacture are part of the AIUT Smart City solution system.

APULSE-W is a radio module installed on water meters of various types (Baylan, Itron, Sensus, Diehl, Elster). It records consumption profiles as well as tampering and magnetic field use attempts. Data from modules are sent locally to a readout device, GSM data concentrator or via IoT technology (Sigfox, LoRa).

Main advantages:

  • IoT connectivity / Wireless SRD communication
  • One radio system to operate water meters from different manufacturers
  • Installation directly on the water meter
  • One or two-way radio transmission
  • Sealed, solid case (IP68)
  • Detection of external magnetic field, interference tests and reverse flow
  • Configuration and readout using a bluetooth head and smartphone application
  • Long battery life (10 years)

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