Another two cities implement AIUT SmartCity IoT network

In Chorzów and Świętochłowice, AIUT will implement an intelligent platform for wireless remote readouts of water meters and water supply network monitoring. Among others, the solution will allow reducing water losses, more efficient settlements, as well as quick detection of leak, failure or abuse.

The AIUT Smart City IoT platform is one of the most modern solutions on the market for managing water supply and heating network based on advanced data analysis. It is used by customers in Poland and around the world. The system provides wireless, remote and automatic access to hourly readouts of water meters, without the need for taking the readout in-person on the location.

8.5 thousand AIUT devices will work in Chorzów and Świętochłowice. They will work mounted on meters, transmitting daily and hourly readouts from all water meters that would belong to Chorzowsko-Świętochłowice Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o. via the low-cost LoRa communication network.

We build smart cities

More local governments decide to implement AIUT intelligent management system for the municipal water supply and sewage network. The solution brings more efficient company management and billing automation as well as convenient customer contact via the electronic service office. Thus, it translates into a better life for residents.- Our solutions allow for remote management of municipal utilities supply networks, bringing measurable economic benefits to water, heating, gas and energy companies, and thus city managers. They also significantly increase the quality of residents' life - says Andrzej Madej, deputy director of the Smart City IoT industry at AIUT. - The system we implement in water supply companies allows you to control the actual water consumption, effectively plan its purchase, eliminate potential failures, and quickly and accurately detect leaks within the network. It is a solution that allows local governments to implement the vision of Smart Cities - he adds.

The implementation for Chorzowsko-Świętochłowice Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o. will be realized in a turn-key model. AIUT will provide comprehensive support in the digital transformation of the company's water supply system. As part of the implementation in Chorzów and Świętochłowice, the energy-saving LoRa communication network will also be built.

- What makes us a leader in the implementation of such solutions today is not only advanced technology but also a comprehensive implementation that includes support in the construction of a new energy-efficient LoRa long-range radio network in Poland. That network enables transmission of encrypted data from radio modules mounted on water meters to a dedicated processing system. This new communication solution will allow cities to quickly implement further projects based on IoT technology, such as intelligent parking lots, city lighting or the same remote management system for the municipal gas network - Andrzej Madej concludes.

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