Cargo terminal management system

At AIUT we respond to the current needs of our customers by creating advanced solutions to automate the management of industrial zones, fuel terminals and reloading.

Our advanced solutions allow to manage deliveries and reloading logistics processes on cargo terminals. AIUT systems automate procedures related to identification of drivers and vehicles entering or leaving the zone. Moreover, they inform in detail about the projected cargo deliveries, at the same time allowing to identify and track the location of containers, tanks and wagons.

Remote load location

Our advanced enterprise resource localization system can support the work of cargo terminals, precisely identifying the unloaded/storage cargo, being a part of the modern AIUT platform for cargo terminal management.

Automatic identification of drivers

Fast, automatic identification of drivers and vehicles in entry/exit gates, biometric security, automation of the issue of a set of transport documents, supervision of security processes and analysis of settlements are AIUT answers to the growing demand for speeding up and optimizing logistics procedures.

The driver and vehicle identification subsystem created by us allows for automatic identification of license plates of the registered fleet, and thus quick and efficient handling and implementation of loading in a short time.

Our solution is based on the latest biometric security features. Efficient identification of drivers is enabled by biometric fingerprint readers and kiosks, which identify unique fingerprint records.

Automation accelerates the implementation of logistics processes, positively influencing the improvement of the terminal's position on the competitive market. Implementation of system solutions with the use of new technologies also increases the safety of transported goods.

The advantages of the solution

  • optimization of logistics processes
  • automation of warehouse releases
  • automatic identification of the vehicle and driver at the entry/exit gates
  • automation of procedures related to product dispensing and loading
  • automatic identification based on the latest biometric security features (biometric readers and kiosks)
  • automation of safety systems
  • generating a set of documents for product release
  • possibility of automatic correction of outbound documents
  • integration with any number of external systems