Maximo Express – Asset and maintenance management system

Create a modern business process management centre with us and maximize your company's profits. Maximo Express is one of the top EAM / CMMS class platforms in the world for comprehensive management of enterprise assets and maintenance - ready for immediate implementation, with the possibility of extending its competences along with further customization.

The system provides complete control over the plant's assets. It allows for effective work management. It also supports and improves the management of the maintenance department as well as the renovation and service administration along with the documentation handling. The solution is focused on reducing equipment failure rate, minimizing the downtime, as well as improving financial results, in particular, maximizing investment profitability (ROI).

Discover the benefits of the system

  • Plant optimization
  • Resource efficiency significantly increased
  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Machinery and equipment life-cycle management
  • Improved operation of maintenance services
  • Event prevention
  • Downtime reduction
  • Business automation

Maximo Express provides advanced tools for reporting and monitoring of key performacne indicators (KPIs). It is a flexible and reliable solution, fully integrated with the company's native systems (including ERP, SCADA or MES), ensuring data confidentiality and security.

Maximo Express was built by AIUT, based on our long-term partner's system - IBM Maximo Asset Management, along with the best practices that we've developed or come across over the last 25 years of our activity. The solution is a comprehensive product, including implementation, licenses, necessary infrastructure and training services as well as the post-implementation assistance.

Guarantee of business benefits

Guarantee of business benefits

Rapid implementation

Quick return on investment (ROI)

Industries involved

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