TEDx Sugarland

Innovation and development run through our blood system

Our company has been designing, producing and implementing advanced solutions for the industry for many years. We build factories, entire production lines, and individual assembly or processing stations. We help other companies run their business while constantly developing ourselves. We translate our competences into ever better solutions that enable further evolution of our partners. We implement projects based on the latest and most up-to-date trends, but our company's ambitions go further. We look into the future to offer proven and mature - although still innovative - solutions. All at the right moment. The demand market is constantly evolving, forcing companies to reorganize their current production process strategy. Factories which are based on traditional automation systems, are looking for new business solutions that reduce downtime, organize a safe working environment with the use of mobile AGV robots and cobots, and finally - utilize the potential of advanced data analysis within the implemented IoT ecosystem.

Eliminating the boundaries between man and machine

This way, automation and robotics in traditional terms are evolving along with the guidelines of Industry 4.0, eliminating the boundaries between man and machine in the production space. This was the subject of the lecture that our colleague Jerzy Greblicki presented on October 26 in the American city of Sugar Land (TX) as part of a TEDx conference. In his speech, Jerzy mentioned the philosophy of Radical Automation, indicating to what extent market expectations regarding the adaptation and individualisation of a product on a unit scale will affect the shape of the entire production process. Jerzy introduced the idea of an adaptive and non-linear production line, developed by AIUT, where the key element is an intelligent cooperating robot mounted on top of an automated guided vehicle (AGV).

Spread the knowledge, share the knowledge

We don’t hide our ideas in a secret drawer because we believe that educating and developing the market is beneficial for all its parties. A similar idea guides the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference series along with its independent derivative - TEDx. These conferences are inherently meant to be non-profitable, with all costs covered by performers' fees or sponsors. Speakers do not receive remuneration, and they consent for the recordings to be published on TEDx YouTube account. In this way, „ideas worth spreading” - as the motto of the TED format states - are available to recipients from around the world.