We create solutions that allow enterprises to progress into a higher level of process automation in terms of plant logistics - bringing benefit to your company.

AIUT automates production lines and implements proprietary systems that meet the needs of enterprises. Our solutions allow for effective company management and location of plant resources. AIUT systems manage transhipment terminals. This is achieved by automating procedures related to the task of identification of drivers and vehicles entering or leaving your company and the release of products, as well as many others. Discover our potential.

AIUT designs, manufactures and delivers turn-key products, such as:

  • lime kiln shaft furnace control systems
  • Maerz furnace control system
  • control and supply systems for horizontal and vertical cement mills
  • automatic sampling and pneumatic transmission to an automatic cement testing laboratory
  • cement laboratory automatic supply and control system
  • lime packing and loading systems
  • cement transport systems
  • installations for bulk loading of cement onto vehicles
  • construction and installation of control cabinets and control systems
  • installation for chrome reduction in cement
  • construction of cement silos with a capacity of 500 tons with loading and unloading installation
  • comprehensive design and implementation of nitrogen oxides reduction systems
  • comprehensive implementation of electrical installation and flue gas desulphurisation from clinker firing systems
  • modernisation of electrical installations and control systems for cement plants
  • power supply control systems and clinker collection systems



We implement comprehensive projects in the field of automation and industrial electricity. Discover AIUT electrical workshop expertise.

Control systems

AIUT designs advanced production process control systems

Material transportation solutions

Discover the possibilities and advanced AIUT systems in the field of broadly understood material transport (production area, industrial logistics, mon

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