In our daily work, we show concern for the environment. We follow a similar approach when designing our solutions. AIUT systems improve the work of municipal enterprises and our extremely sensitive systems for detecting fuel and gas leaks prevent the release of harmful substances into the environment.

AIUT technologies support the work of municipal enterprises, automating the process of waste and glass segregation. Our certified leak detection systems are the most accurate solutions in the world, alerting about the slightest tank leak in real time. The method developed by the AIUT teams detects unwanted leakage of substances (e.g. fuel at stations) already from the level of 5l/24h. This allows for an immediate corrective response on the part of the company, to the benefit of the environment.

Our systems are designed to strengthen and tighten up pro-ecological procedures. Discover our solutions and capabilities.

AIUT designs and delivers turn-key solutions, such as:

  • complete power and control systems
  • electrical installations and automation of control systems
  • fuel, gas and fire detection systems - including upgrades
  • waste sorting lines
  • glass sorting lines
  • complete petrol vapour recovery installations
  • electrical installations for electrostatic precipitators
  • power switching systems between multiple 6 kV sources
  • airtightness and volatile compounds reduction systems
  • control systems for biogas plants


Continuous process automation

Our solutions ensure uninterrupted work of enterprises, allowing automation of control systems and continuous process control.

Discrete processes automation

AIUT offers advanced control and control systems that allow automated management of production processes.

Dedicated process automation

Automate transport processes and warehouse management in your company. Create one coherent production ecosystem.

Research and control

We run advanced control and system testing procedures at all stages of implementation.

Data analysis center

We provide new business knowledge based on advanced data analysis.

IoT Ecosystem

Solutions that can work for you: intelligent monitoring ecosystems, locations and remote reading in IoT technology.


We implement comprehensive projects in the field of automation and industrial electricity. Discover AIUT electrical workshop expertise.

Smart City system integration

AIUT systems allow enterprises and local governments to realize the vision of Smart Cities. Discover our solutions.

Access control

Manage in an intelligent way. AIUT control systems supervise work of your team, locate resources, as well as automatically identify vehicles and drive


AIUT owns mechanical and electrical workshop. Our engineers create advanced solutions in the field of robotization and automation of plants.


Our assembly technologies allows creation of complex solutions for nearly every branch.

Laser processing

In AIUT projects modern machining methods, including laser cutting and welding are used.

Plastics processing

Using modern technologies and proven methods, we are sure that our solutions meet the highest standards.

Metal processing

Extensive experience in metalworking allows us to modify freely and make elements according to strict expectations.

Development projects and documentation

AIUT carries out full executive and project documentation for implemented projects.

Industry 4.0

We provide advanced solutions for industry and business. Ask about remote implementations.


We specialize in the design and construction of robotic stations and lines, enabling full plant automation. Discover AIUT capabilities and robots.

Material transportation solutions

Discover the possibilities and advanced AIUT systems in the field of broadly understood material transport (production area, industrial logistics, mon

Software and data integration

We develop high-end systems and applications for business management, including production and business processes.


We provide efficient welding solutions based on robotic welding technologies. Check out our capabilities.

Detection systems

AIUT systems alert you on even minimal leaks of fuel from tanks at fuel stations,as well as on gas, water and district heating network failures.

Dispensing systems

The dispensing systems designed and implemented by AIUT enable the increase of the plant's operation efficiency while maintaining the highest safety s

IT Systems

Optimize processes with advanced systems for industry and business. Discover solutions and possibilities.

Packaging systems

We design and supply automated packaging lines and machines, including industrial electric installations.

Control systems

AIUT designs advanced production process control systems

Vision systems

We provide comprehensive solutions for production and fuel terminal management using advanced vision systems.

Control and electrical cabinets

AIUT specializes in a prefabrication of electrical and control cabinets.

Commissioning and tests

We carry out turn-key implementations of advanced industrial automation along with testing phase at our headquarters.

Advanced services

Advanced AIUT technologies in Industry 4.0: virtual implementations, intelligent robots, resource localization and enterprise management systems.

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