We provide video control and RFID systems. We support companies by implementing one of the most technologically advanced platforms for geolocation of resources and employees on site, with the capability to control works. Thanks to vision applications and biometric technology, we automate vehicle and driver control processes.

Technical capabilities

Our solutions will allow you to take full control and automate the management and operational processes in your company. Our capabilities include:

  • control systems in the production and logistics area
  • vehicle control systems
  • identification of persons
  • control based on biometric safeguards
  • area control
  • geolocation of resources
  • virtual architecture of the plant with division into zones
  • monitoring of work and presence in zones
  • safety areas
  • confidential and deactivated zones
  • smart building: monitoring of temperature, humidity and other parameters
  • leakage detection

Branże współpracujące:


We specialize in the design and delivery of complete solutions, including robotic lines and production stands for the automotive industry.


Gain full control over your business and personnel.


Manage safety and authorizations in laboratories, clinics and hospitals.

Fuel terminals

We automate security, logistics and fuel depot management processes. We provide tank monitoring systems and vapour recovery installations.

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