When a change in one of the system key operating parameters changes a number of other values, automatic regulation solutions become necessary to create a coherent, easily controllable ecosystem. This is how we design AIUT solutions that guarantee uninterrupted operation of your plant. We create advanced DCS distributed control systems that allow you to precisely manage the indicated process and change without stopping it.


We care for uninterrupted operation of factories and enterprises around the world. Our solutions in the field of automation and support of production control processes help to increase the quality of manufactured products by better regulation of the manufacturing process while leading to an increase in the overall plant production efficiency.

Technical capabilities

We provide comprehensive process control and real-time information exchange based on a unified process point database. It allows identification of the points mentioned as well as smooth exchange of knowledge, giving access to each device (a controller, a computer) within the created network to any information from individual points.

AIUT systems control continuous processes in e.g.: refineries, power plants, food, paper, chemical and glass industries, as well as in metallurgy and cementing. They can also be used for oil and gas extraction. Our capabilities include:

  • complete DCS systems (Distributed Process Control systems)
  • control networks
  • measurement automation through sensors, meters or measuring devices
  • automation of control process planning
  • production planning and control systems
  • software modification without stopping the control system
  • maintenance
  • data analysis
  • advanced algorithms
  • process visualization
  • reporting

Industries involved

Energy and municipal services

We provide control systems with industrial electricity for power plants, accompanied by Smart City and Smart Grid solutions for network management.

Gas, oil and petrochemical industry

We design and modernise industrial installations. Our solutions manage terminals and fuel stations, enabling full monitoring of deliveries.

Mining and mineral industry

We provide integrated systems and solutions to support our customers in the mining and mineral processing industries.

Metallurgy and smelting industry

We specialise in providing control systems for the automation of production processes.

Cement-lime industry

Our systems control, among others, lime kilns, automate the process of testing, transporting and loading of lime and cement.

Chemical industry

AIUT technologies are utilized in the industries of chemicals, energy, and cement as well as for fuel depots.

Fuel terminals

We automate security, logistics and fuel depot management processes. We provide tank monitoring systems and vapour recovery installations.

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