Plastics processing in the solutions for industry requires appropriate knowledge, technical experience and high quality equipment. AIUT has all above mentioned so that we are capable of implementing  projects for our clients in an all-inclusive manner.

Technical capabilities

In the production process, AIUT uses the best practices and high-quality equipment for assembly, laser trimming, punching, laminating, and welding of plastics. Our capabilities include:

  • insert molding assembly
  • linear servo gantry
  • adhesives
  • automated screwdriving
  • degating & punching
  • edge wrapping
  • laser marking
  • laser trimming
  • press laminating
  • plastics welding
  • punching
  • robotic mold tending
  • trimming
  • adhesion promotion / surface energy treatment (plasma/corona)

Industries involved

Electrical industry

We provide complete deliveries and assembly of production lines and production management systems, as well as building automation systems.


Gain full control over your business and personnel.


Manage safety and authorizations in laboratories, clinics and hospitals.

Chemical industry

AIUT technologies are utilized in the industries of chemicals, energy, and cement as well as for fuel depots.

Electronics industry

We carry out comprehensive deliveries of robotized lines and production stands for companies from the electronics sector.

Furniture industry

We automate furniture production, providing comprehensive, flexible systems for consistent production, transport and warehouse management.


We specialize in the design and delivery of complete solutions, including robotic lines and production stands for the automotive industry.

Paper industry

We program and commission turn-key paper machines and provide control systems for paper and cardboard production. Discover our capabilities.

Food industry

Our experience in working for the food industry is supported by numerous implementations of robotic stations and production lines.

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