Do not wait until an unexpected failure happens. Identify risks before they arise. Minimize the possibility of downtime and losses. With AIUT efficient security audit service, we help you create the best strategy for maintaining reliable operation of your machine park.

We carry out thorough diagnostics of devices and technological lines along with an in-depth analysis, risk assessment, and result presentation. We give guidelines for improving machine safety and compliance with applicable regulations - all that in a form of a personalized strategy of operations.

  • safety increase
  • production continuity maintained
  • reduction of downtime and servicing costs
  • loss reduction

Technical capabilities

Ensure the reliability of working devices, minimize downtime and protect your employees. Advanced diagnostics of machines, stations and production lines lets you maintain production continuity and reduce serious repair costs. As part of our security audit, we develop an individual protection strategy along with a plan to ensure continuity of the production cycle. Our capabilities include:

  • safety audits of machines, stations and technological lines
  • risk assessment of machines, stations and technological lines
  • verification of machines, stations and technological lines for compliance with standards and directives
  • electrical measurements and tests: electric shock protection among others
  • inspections of electro-sensitive protective devices: light curtains, light barriers, safety scanners
  • measurements of machine runs
  • measurements of the elements' impact forces
  • assessment of the safety function according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • tests of software and security devices
  • modernization of machines and technological lines to ensure safety
  • technical consultancy for machine and technological line safety

Related branches


We specialize in the design and delivery of complete solutions, including robotic lines and production stands for the automotive industry.

Rubber and plastic industry

AIUT supplies robotic lines for production and packaging of natural rubber and plastics.

Furniture industry

We automate furniture production, providing comprehensive, flexible systems for consistent production, transport and warehouse management.

Food industry

Our experience in working for the food industry is supported by numerous implementations of robotic stations and production lines.

Paper industry

We program and commission turn-key paper machines and provide control systems for paper and cardboard production. Discover our capabilities.


Research and control

We run advanced control and system testing procedures at all stages of implementation.

Development projects and documentation

AIUT carries out full executive and project documentation for implemented projects.

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