We are responsible for comprehensive implementation of management systems for municipal water, gas, electricity and lighting supply networks.

Technical capabilities

Our intelligent IoT platform (Internet of Things) together with a sensor system allows for remote full acquisition and analysis of data from urban space or indicated infrastructure of enterprises operating for the city and its inhabitants. The key feature enabling the implementation and integration of systems is the utilized Internet of Things technology. Our solutions guarantee advanced knowledge about the current consumption of utilities by consumers, allow to manage network security and inform about leaks. In addition, AIUT helps you effectively manage lighting systems and parking lots in the city. Our capabilities include:

  • dedicated IoT ecosystem
  • production of IoT AIUT data loggers
  • cooperation with leading meter manufacturers
  • independence from network infrastructure
  • real-time event monitoring
  • smart information exchange (M2M)
  • IoT networks
  • monitoring of water, heat, electricity, gas and LPG tanks
  • city lighting control

Industries involved

Energy and municipal services

We provide control systems with industrial electricity for power plants, accompanied by Smart City and Smart Grid solutions for network management.

Water and wastewater management

Gain full control over the city’s water and heating network. Discover our intelligent solutions.

Municipalities / Smart City

We provide systems for remote monitoring of water, heat, gas, electricity and LPG consumption - along with leak detection. Choose your solution.

Ecology / Recycling

AIUT systems support the process of environmental protection and ensure environmental safety related to the specificity of the company’s work.

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