Discover aTas - Terminal Automation System - a smart platform for comprehensive fuel terminal management, including logistic processes. This is an advanced AIUT solution based on modern IT technologies and IoT (Internet of Things), cooperating with filling and measuring devices.

Technical capabilities

aTas is a comprehensive solution for automating logistic processes at fuel terminals. The system speeds up driver and vehicle identification procedures and ensures the highest level of terminal service security. Our options include:

  • liquid fuel and chemical products installations
  • legal metering lines
  • legalized level measurements in storage tanks
  • biometric kiosks
  • vehicle identification systems
  • driver identification systems
  • automation systems for product composition lines
  • fuel terminal management systems with an interface to the ERP (SAP) class system
  • complete vapour recovery units for petrol installations
  • systems of hermetization and reduction of volatile compounds
  • biogas plant control systems
  • fire and gas detection systems and a fire protection system
  • design of the control and SCADA systems with communication networks including large variety of communication protocols like profibus, profinet, canopen, modbus, ethernet
  • operation plan - concept plan of the all operations on the terminal with car and railway management, required reporting and document emission
  • manufacturing of electrical and control cabinets as well as local boxes
  • customization of terminal management system
  • management system interface to the operator SAP system
  • executing and running of software and visualizations for control systems of technological installation
  • development and implementation of aTas management system with support for electronic data exchange with SAP system

Industries involved

Industrial automation

30 years of AIUT experience in the automation and robotization of the global industry allow us to provide systems, machines and production lines in a

Gas, oil and petrochemical industry

We design and modernise industrial installations. Our solutions manage terminals and fuel stations, enabling full monitoring of deliveries.

Harbours and shipbuilding

We provide comprehensive electrical solutions for the shipbuilding industry. We automate cargo terminal service.

Rail industry

Discover AIUT advanced tracking systems for monitoring rail cars and tankers, as well as solutions for automating cargo terminals.

Fuel industry

We provide full monitoring of fuel along the entire supply chain - from the fuel terminal to an individual customer at the fuel station.

Fuel terminals

We automate security, logistics and fuel depot management processes. We provide tank monitoring systems and vapour recovery installations.


Gain full control over your business and personnel.


Manage safety and authorizations in laboratories, clinics and hospitals.

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