Our advanced AIUT FuelPrime solution provides remote monitoring of fuel tanks, reduction of fuel losses, leak detection, as well as fuel control along the entire supply path - from the fuel terminal to an individual customer at the fuel station.

Comprehensive AIUT management systems, dedicated to the fuel industry, offer new opportunities for cost reduction, maximization of safety procedures and better logistics of deliveries.

We design and implement turn-key intelligent IoT ecosystems for monitoring liquid fuel tanks, including LPG tanks, with leak detection, as well as detailed analysis of the supply path. We are responsible for automation of processes related to safety and sales, as well as logistics. Our solutions work at fuel stations, fuel terminals, allow to track and monitor the transport of products. Discover our solutions and capabilities.


Detection systems

AIUT systems alert you on even minimal leaks of fuel from tanks at fuel stations,as well as on gas, water and district heating network failures.

Data analysis center

We provide new business knowledge based on advanced data analysis.

Continuous process automation – chemicals

We provide turn-key installations for sulfuric acid factories and the petrochemical industry as well as inorganic and related chemistry solutions.

Material transportation solutions

Discover the possibilities and advanced AIUT systems in the field of broadly understood material transport (production area, industrial logistics, mon

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